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ClanVPP - Very Poor People

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Name: Emmanuel 

Age: 18 

Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/code-altered

Server: "Very Poor People | Trade Server | Dallas | ClanVPP.Com" (IP: (Map: trade_plaza_ox3_b4_fixed)

Admin Experience: I have no admin experience but I am eager to have a new leadership experience. 

Skills/Knowledge: I maintain a calm and collected attitude from my experience as a waiter(an occupation with lots of multi-tasking and stressful situations.) From my experience as a waiter, I understand how to professionally speak and deal with people no matter the situation. 

Why I Want To Be A Server Admin: I want to become a server admin because I primarily play on that server and because that server deserves better. In its current state, the TF2 VPP server is unregulated and can be extremely unfun. I hope to solve this issue and bring some form of regularity to the server. I am also an extremely fair person that can always look at a situation objectively. 

Current Administrative Positions: I currently do not hold any other admin/moderator titles on any other server.

How I Will Draw Others: I will draw players to our server by creating a safe and fair environment where you can be sure there won't be a hacker on every other day. I am also a  very easygoing person which makes it easy for players to reach out to me for assistance. 

I, Emmanuel, agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences.

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