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New Year's resolutions

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1. be nicer 2. have more sex.. see above 3. get better at dayz 4. learn to zoom-in in dayz... see #2 5. expand my drinking resume 6. get into white russians cause the dude likes them 7. lay another egg see # 2 8. expand role playing abilities 9. play more cs, some people still know who i am, which is touching 10. get on daddys good side in a IRL way 11. expand our dayz team by 100% without pissing off daddy 12. get a dayz server however see # 10 13. talk to daddy about expanding community beyond cs... keeping in mind # 10 14. I really hate playing dayz and I will uninstall by the end of the week 15. remind daddy that good relationships should be built on luv with a side of "i thee wed" 16. advise seri to stand by... hang out.. dont go any where... the truth is coming... ur knight awaits 17. invest in starbucks... see # 10
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